Data Science Cheat Book

I would like to share my book with you. Data Science Cheat Book is, as its name suggest, cheat book dedicated to data science.

What do I mean by cheat book? While writing those materials, I was initially thinking about preparing pocket size info cards about each topic. But after while I decided to switch to normal format and extend each topic into something looking like pattern. So now, each topic has its dedicated chapter consisting following sections:

And what do I meant about Data Science? Well, I plan to cover topics from machine learning, statistics, data mining, visualization, data engineering and mathematics.

How to use this book? Each topic included in it, is designed to be self contained. They are written with goal of getting you as fast as possible into selected topic, so even if you are not an expert, you will immediately be able to start connecting dots.

This book is available forever for free as raw text, but if there will be enough interest I might publish it on Leanpub as nicely compiled e-book, or even in print through something like Lulu.

Anyway, I hope it will help you with getting into data science and solving great problem of mankind.

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests or just want to chat, you can find me in dedicated gitter.

Thanks, Damian

Join the chat at License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Source files for my book: